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Backroad 4wd Training was formed as an education provider.  Our primary goal it to provide our clients with quality, proven information on how to operate their vehicle off road, and how to SAFELY recover their vehicle in a stuck situation. 

Many vehicles on the market today come off the show room floor very capable of going off road.  Often people purchase a new 4WD vehicle, but don't fully understand how to take advantage of the advanced functions of that vehicle or really how the 4WD technologies operate to get them off the highway and into the beautiful back country.  Our classes are designed to bridge that gap, and help you to understand how 4WD systems work, what are the characteristics of your individual vehicle, and how to operate it in off pavement scenarios.

Being able to get out of a stuck situation SAFELY means much more than having a winch bolted to the front of your vehicle.  Our recovery training emphasizes safety.  The forces involved with recovering a vehicle weighing 3000 lb, 4000 lb or in the case of some "Overland" vehicles, upwards of 7000 lbs can be tremendous.  We provide information on what we consider essential recovery gear, and how to use it, and we discuss many of the new recovery technologies and their usefulness in your recovery kit.  We provide a hands-on approach, allowing our clients to build confidence that they can, with a proper assessment and good recovery principles get unstuck, and continue their adventure.

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Driver Training

Though both classroom and in-the-field training we can help you to better understand your vehicle, and how to use it.

Vehicle Recovery Training

Safety First!  Learn what recovery gear you need, and how to use it.  We stress using a good stuck assessment to evaluate your situation, and proper recovery techniques and gear for safe recoveries.

Backcountry Guides

We host backcountry trips in the PNW.  Join our adventures.

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