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Backroad 4WD Training

I4WDTA Certified Trainers

A Veteran Owned Company


Our Story

When Mike and Will met at one of the Pacific Northwest's local Off-Road club events. They were each looking for a group of people who shared their love of the outdoors, and of driving off-road. They were also looking for more knowledge and better information to improve their driving and recovery skills. Their individual experiences with various groups had left each of them looking for something better. This shared desire, to become better drivers, and to know how to recover vehicles in a safer, and more effective manner was the beginning of their friendship.

Since 2013 they have adventured together, and they have trained together. Initially that meant seeking out real, professional training, namely from Bill Burke—a founding member of the International 4 Wheel Drive Trainer's Association (I4WDTA). While training with Bill they realized that there was a greater need for this information in their PNW community and they decided to raise their sights and persue certification by the I4WDTA, become members of this elite training organization, and bring that knowledge back to the PNW and the off-road communities there.

In 2018 Mike, and Will each completed the process, and are Certified Trainers in the I4WDTA. The goal, as it has always been, is to bring effective driver training and recovery skills to the PNW community. They believe that the PNW has unique recreational resources, and through education those resources can become available to more people, and that through PROPER training those wishing to explore the backcountry can do so more safely, and with far less impact on the environment. 

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