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Backroad 4WD Training

I4WDTA Certified Trainers

A Veteran Owned Company


Our Mission

Backroad 4WD Training provides adult education in 4-wheel drive operations and vehicle recovery skills. We provide focused and customized training for industrial, governmental, search and rescue (SAR), non-governmental organizations (NGO), and recreational 4-wheel drive operators. Throughout the year we conduct scheduled, targeted, recreational training courses.


Our focused, hands-on approach provides our students an understanding of the capabilities and limitations of their vehicles in a real-world environment.  It helps them to develop the necessary skills to drive safely and confidently through challenging terrain, to better understand the limits of their vehicles, and their own skills when deciding to tackle challenging terrain in austere conditions. 


Our vehicle recovery classes focus on safety.  We introduce our students to the various recovery gear available on the market today. We teach them how to evaluate the different products to understand their breaking strengths and suitability for a given recovery.  We introduce the concept of a Stuck Assessment (Why am I stuck?); to develop a recovery plan; and have students execute the recovery plan in a safe and controlled manner.  

Throughout our courses of instruction, we emphasize the principles of TREAD Lightly.  We believe in their message and feel strongly that these principles should be practiced by all users

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